Mathematica Seminar

Mathematica:  A Transformation in Mathematics Education

Wednesday, Nov. 13.
8:00 am – 9:00 am
Room 16 (Student Union Bldg)
Penn State Beaver

 Math teachers (college, high school, middle school,
and (yes!) elementary also),
students (grades 7-12),
and homeschool/cyber school parents

are invited to attend a free Mathematica seminar for your faculty, staff, and students.

Join Andy Dorsett from Wolfram and have your eyes opened wide to what Mathematica can do for students, courses, and research with some easy steps to begin integrating quickly. Conrad Wolfram calls correctly using computers as the silver bullet to making math education work (take 20 minutes to watch his TED talk about the transformation happening in the business world and now in education).  Andy Dorsett, the seminar presenter, works with Mathematica schools in Pennsylvania to help current users make the most of the software in courses and research and to help professors and teachers who aren’t currently using Mathematica begin to integrate it into their work.  His background is in Math Education, so the hour will include practical ways to make technology effective in student’s learning.

The event is free.  Please RSVP so that we have enough seats.

Abhijit Dutt                                     Ellen Cavanaugh
Instructor of IST                             Beaver County STEM
Penn State Beaver                                           724-561-6461



About Beaver County STEM

The Beaver County STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Education Advocacy Coalition is a community based organization of professionals, teachers, parents and community members advocating for STEM education and opportunities needed for 21st century jobs.
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